Discern for Mimecast

Discern Security AI Controls Assessment and Policy Management


About the Integration

Discern Security’s integration with Mimecast is meticulously tailored to evaluate and furnish in-depth analysis concerning security vulnerabilities inherent in the client’s email management infrastructure. This integration offers a comprehensive depiction of the organization’s email security posture, shedding light on potential risks and their impact on operational efficiency. Upon integration with Mimecast and other security tools, Discern Security’s platform forms a robust cybersecurity mesh, fostering the attainment of key objectives:

  • Enhanced Security Controls: Clients receive scorecards and recommendations to fortify top security controls, ensuring robust defense mechanisms against email-related threats.


  • Framework Alignment: Seamless mapping of controls with the MITRE framework facilitates precise progress tracking, promoting adherence to industry standards and compliance regulations.


  • Optimized Email Security: Intelligent integration with complementary solutions like CASB and EDR enables the optimization of email security measures, maximizing protection and enhancing threat detection capabilities.


  • Automated Policy Enforcement: The implementation of closed-loop automation for email security policies strengthens posture and facilitates agile responses to emerging threats.


  • Comprehensive Reporting: Development of CISO dashboards offers succinct illustrations of achieved protection through Mimecast, alongside the overall progress of security programs. This empowers leadership with actionable insights and clear visibility into security effectiveness.


  • Get scorecards and recommendations for hardening top security controls
  • Map controls to MITRE framework and show progress in terms of controls
  • Cross-optimize your email security controls with CASB, EDR, etc.
  • Closed loop policy automation for stronger email security posture
  • Build CISO dashboards showcasing protection achieved through Mimecast

How does Discern Security Work with Mimecast

  • Through this integration, Discern’s platform seamlessly accesses critical data, including user information, internal domains, email threat logs, and suspicious emails via the Mimecast API.
  • Administrators can also upload Mimecast policies as CSV files.
  • The acquired data undergoes thorough analysis by the Discern AiPM engine, generating valuable insights, configuration scorecards, detailed recommendations, and remediation workflows.
  • These outcomes not only fortify the organization’s email security posture but also optimize controls and configurations across its security tools ecosystem.
  • Discern Security’s platform ingests Mimecast data to inform policies in other security tools
  • The insights from the integration is used to build dashboards for the CISO on the progress their security program is making and to benchmark their security program with peers

Business use cases and outcomes

  • Visualize, prioritize, and remediate Mimecast configuration risks
  • Utilize Mimecast insights to spot risky users, assets, patterns
  • Visualize progress on security programs with controls mapped to MITRE
  • Use Mimecast data to adjust risk settings in Endpoint, Identity, SASE
  • Use Mimecast insights to drive policy settings on other security tools

About Discern Security

Discern seamlessly integrates with your major security platforms, establishing control baselines and identifying protection gaps. It utilizes generative AI to analyze and optimize security controls and policies, maps them to frameworks like MITRE, NIST, CIS, etc., performs security health checks, offers personalized recommendations, and provides reporting dashboards for actionable insights.

See Discern’s Mimecast Integration in Action