First AI Powered Security Policy Management Platform

Develop a Robust Cybersecurity Mesh Infrastructure with our Policy Management Solution.

As cyber risks evolve and become increasingly interconnected, traditional security measures remain static and compartmentalized. Our innovative platform empowers you to visualize your security configurations while facilitating dynamic, ongoing policy management across your arsenal of security tools. By leveraging this cutting-edge solution, you’ll not only bolster your defenses but also maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your security resources.

How does Discern work?

DYNAMIC RISK Analytics Cross ProductSecurityIntelligence ArtificialIntelligence DASHBOARDS MeshVisualization Real-TimeCompliance RiskQuantification WorkflowRecommendations INTEGRATIONS EDR MTD UEM/UES ZTNA SWG EFW SEG Email Security IGA AM MFA CASB CWPP CSPM DLP Data Class DSP SIEM XDR PAM EPP Cloud Users Network Server/VM/Container Mobile/Tablet PC/Laptop Email Data Applications POLICY & POSTURE PolicyOrchestration PostureManagement PolicyAssessment Assessment &Recommendations Response Risk Indicators Discern AiPM TM Engine

About us

We are a proven team of serial entrepreneurs.

Previously we created the Human Detection and Response category in cyber security through our company SecurityAdvisor.

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